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There are a lot of companies that do foam repair kits for speakers and not many ways to decide which kit to buy. An easy way is to view their instructions ahead of time. Before ever ordering I watched the video on repairing my H speakers. It covered things I didn't know differences in diameter cones , and fully showed the repair process. Not only that but Sean Ryan guy in the video actually looks like he's talking from experience unlike, the other videos I viewed.

Honestly he looks like he could re-foam a speaker in the dark Anyhow, warm fuzzy feelings that if I hit a snag I could call someone and they'd actually know what I was talking about.

Plus other kits I looked at really do seem to come with the same white glue that we ate in kindergarten. The quality of the foam seems good too. Anyhow, after watching the video and reading their instructions I re-foamed two speakers on my kitchen counter in a Friday evening with no trouble at all and the speakers sound great once again. These kits did the job as expected.

First time order from Simply Speakers and I have to say I like the glue that came with this order a good deal better than the two different glues received from the competition in the past. The other worked as well, but this was a good deal easier to work with in my opinion. I just want to say, I received my Cerwin Vega speakers yesterday from your repair service and they are absolutely beautiful, and they sound great I have not stopped smiling while listening to them.

Once again thank you very much. TI wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with my recent experience with your company. I called to inquire about refoaming my vintage Heathkit AS woofers last Friday. The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes, Time inevitably makes the loss worse creating additional damages and sometimes making the salvageable items unsalvageable. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service uses our proprietary cleaning method to clean dirt and restore luster to your tile floors.

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City City Oops! Use My Current Location. Please make a selection Location Location. Search input. Home Search. Main Menu. Phone: Our Story Trained Technicians. Made In America. Please provide the correct password. Create an Account. Account Information Logout. It's 30 minutes, but much better than the instructions that accompany the foam rings. Play it and pause after step 1, do the work, continue playing, pause after step 2, do the work, etc. Just take your time and follow the video.

Mb direct parts discount code

You can do both speakers in a day, most of that is dry time. One big tip that the instructions don't cover, but the video does, make sure you have the foam facing the right direction. By billcb. After 15 years, at some point recently I noticed my bass was crackling like crazy. I popped off the door panel and confirmed the foam had separated all the way around the speaker.


At first I thought it was just one side but after fixing it with this kit I realized the other one was bad as well so I pulled it and replaced as well. Doing the replacement wasn't too bad. Just take your time. I used my Xacto knife to cut away the old stuff but I suppose a box cutter would do, just make sure to use a fresh blade. I really took my time making sure to scrape away everything but you probably don't need to be too thorough.

By MadPB. Perfect fix for Sequoia Great product.

Speaker glue walmart

You get perfectly molded foam to replace damaged rattling speakers, glue to hold everything and awesome videos describing everything. Maybe those complaints have skills and equipment to be able mold their own foam surrounds for cheaper. Why buy from Simply Speakers if that is the case? If your not mechanically inclined or handy, maybe this is not for you as it's a little tedious and kind of messy. I took off the door panels and removed speakers in the evening, cleaned and glued per directions.

Next morning 10 minutes and whole truck is back together and sounds at least as good as original. No rattles. Very happy with Simply Speakers product. Read more.

Mb direct parts discount code

By Michelle Desena. See all customer reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Instructions could be more specific to my vehicle, but overall an easy, inexpensive way to extend the life of your subwoofer When a certain bass-heavy track on my playlist would play, a rattle started occurring in the area of the driver's side rear 8-inch subwoofer of my '07 Toyota Sienna with JBL Synthesis system.

I decided to buy this repair kit and give it a go. Accessing the several 10mm bolts holding the subwoofer enclosure was a bit arduous; I opted to only partially remove the paneling and so had to prop them open and snake a socket wrench with a flexible extension to get the couple of bolts not readily accessible.

I have smallish hands though so it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. By Darth Continent. Economical fix for broken subwoofer on 04 Avalon I was searching for the best deal on a replacement rear speaker for my Avalon when I stumbled upon this kit. The online video detailed exactly how to do the repair with the kit. Nothing was all that hard, just took some time and a reasonable level of care.

Repair now complete, speaker performance restored to like new. By Al.