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  1. Spark offers Rollover data and minutes to every Spark mobile customer
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These inclusions apply to new and existing Socialiser customers. Spark Socialiser renews monthly on Pay Monthly, and four-weekly on Prepaid.

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Standard data charges will apply after you use up the Socialiser 1GB. You will consume the data in your plan first. After that, usage will be at casual data rates. Socialiser is only available when using the official application for Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Spotify from a compatible phone. Socialiser works only with official Android 2. Socialiser is for New Zealand domestic data traffic only.

Spark offers Rollover data and minutes to every Spark mobile customer

If you roam internationally you will incur normal data roaming charges. Socialiser data excludes Facebook SMS, other alert services and accessing video and content hosted on other sites. Access via any other means, including third party applications, will use existing data in your Pay Monthly or Prepaid plan.

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If no plan data is left, this access will incur additional data charges that apply to your plan. Additional data charges will also apply for any external links accessed via these apps. Socialiser Spotify includes music-streaming only. Some functions within the Spotify app are excluded and will use data from your plan.

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These include:. The amount of data used depends on the quality option you set in the app. High quality: 1. Spark Socialiser Terms and Conditions apply. Landline Pricing Home phones Payphones View more. Rugby ready. Outages Outage map Report an outage. Contact us Feedback Book a call Phone numbers Store finder.

Sign out. Back Extras. Bump up your plan With extras What's the deal Get more data, talk or text by choosing the extras that suit your needs. Talk Talk Talk. Text Text Text. Hotspot Hotspot Hotspot.

International talk and text International talk and text International talk and text. Great deal, but would just like to point out the site mentions that 10GB is available to use for 6 months, not 10GB renewing per month. EDIT: The app seems to say it's renewing in '32 days' though, so who knows. Yeah I did notice it did say 10GB for 6 months but the app says otherwise. Only time will tell I guess. It will renew every month for the next 6 months, whilst on an eligible plan. Not sure what's better, this or skinny adding 2gb every weekend.


Mobile Plans, Phones & Broadband | Skinny NZ

Only thing that might push my data usage is Spotify so this will be nice to out my mind at rest it's not chewed up my allowance by accident. Spotify doesn't use that much data, I imagine it won't make too much difference, whereas 2GB works on anything. I know, but generally I'm happy with 1. Included minutes and TXTs are for personal use only. See vodafone. Data bonus can take up to 72 hours to be activated. See Prepay Porting for terms.

Pay Monthly plans

See here for full terms and conditions. Get rewarded any day of the week - cheap movie tickets, music and sports tickets and a whole lot more. Thanks for being with Vodafone! Talk to our Ninjas in store, online or over the phone.